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Features of News2Vid

No Post Production

In News2Vid you don't need a post production team to build your videos for social media.

No Rendering Queue

News2Vid saves your budget for post rendering processing and waiting time.

No Uploads

N2V Streaming Live API needs to uploads that consumes your bandwidth, time and money.

Easy Integration

Like Wordpress, Drupal or any news website, blog, magazine our system is easy for integration

Any Langugae

Our system accepts *any langugae news channels.

*(For the clearence ask for your languge before your buy)

No Tech Knowledge Needed

Our software needs no tech knowledge needed, News2Vid handles everything you worry about. Your team just do's The Jounarlism.

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How News 2 Vid LiveWatch Works

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Compatible News Platforms


Compatible Languages

American English

Male Voice - Female Voice

British English

Male Voice - Female Voice


Male Voice - Female Voice


Male Voice - Female Voice


Male Voice - Female Voice


Male Voice - Female Voice


Male Voice - Female Voice


Male Voice - Female Voice


Male Voice - Female Voice

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News2Vid Features

Publisher Features N2V Standart N2V LiveWatch
Convert Article to Video
Add Photo(s) to Video
Add Background Music on Video
AI VoiceOver - Female
AI VoiceOver - Male
Monthly Reportings
News Keyword Filtering
IT Features N2V Standart N2V LiveWatch
Automated Workflow
Auto Uploads
Youtube + FTP

IT Support
API Support
Branding N2V Standart N2V LiveWatch
Brand Kit
Custom Fonts
Custom Themes
Monetization - Banners
Monetization - Video
Supported Files N2V Standart N2V LiveWatch
File Support: JSON
File Support: XML
RSS Feeds -
Video Features N2V Standart N2V LiveWatch
Video Quality 720p 720p
News Video Duration 30 sec. -
Extra Video Duration 180 sec. -

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Upcoming Features

Saas Management Avaliable Today Coming Soon
RSS Management Manuel
HTML5 Studio
API Management
HD Video Quality 720p 1080p HD
Monetization Management Manuel
LiveStreaming Management Manuel